First Publication Appearance: sharing about art and heart

First publication appearance regarding my art!
Kairos Catholic Journal, Vol. 23, No. 9
Have a read if you have the chance.

For the full Journal, and probably an easier way to read the text of this article go to:
Kairos Catholic Journal, Vol.23, No.9

A Gift (Cool, United, Warm)

These are a series of three works completed for a shared exhibition with Yuria Okamura, Stillness in Silence: Shapes in Space, at Red Gallery in North Fitzroy, June 2012. 

A Gift (Cool), 2011
Oil on Canvas, 152x91cm

A Gift (United), 2011
Oil on canvas, 152x61cm

A Gift (Warm), 2011
Oil on canvas, 152x91cm

Progress pics:

Two small pieces (2011)

Two little watercolours that we're used to help fundraise for SEVENTH gallery in December 2011.