I must trust - @ Kings ARI (Nov/Dec 2012)

A simple painting installation in the project space at Kings Artist Run Initiative (November - December 2012). 
Painted directly onto the declining roof, then door, and then floor of a space underneath a staircase. 

Gratitude extended to Anabelle Lacroix (for the invitation to show), Madé and Lyndal, and dear Lucia.

These photos are not perfectly stitched, there is overlap, yet the order here is a pan from the top of the roof down to the floor.

I must trust.

I must trust for, though swimming in beauty and truth, I feel like I am drowning for lack of them. 

I must trust that I am not in a world of chaos.  I must trust that truth can be tasted.  I must trust that beauty transcends aesthetic titillation.

May but a glimmer of Thy Light, which is greater than that of a million suns, creep through my closed eyelids.  Then shall my heart be eased, yet indeed greater shall the longing be for the fullness of Thy Light.

Until, then, my eyes open wide, I must trust.

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